• Vincent Piciocchi, changed his studio name from Picture You Photography Studio to
  • Photography by Vincent Piciocchi when he moved his business into his home.
  • He still offers studio portraits plus on location photography - Home and Environmental.
  • When the warmer weather arrives he also offers location photography at "Victoria Gardens".

Where is Victoria Gardens ? his beautiful landscape backyard ! where he has photographed Children, Bridal and Family portraits.

Vincent was born in Manhattan, and started his career in photography working for a studio in Brooklyn, New York.

  • He has been a menber of the Professional Photographers Of America (National) and is still a member of the Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey (State). Photographic accomplishments includes:
  • From PPA:
  • (National) Master of Photography Degree
  • Photographic Craftsman Degree
  • PPA National Award
  • Platinum Photographer of the Year
  • Bronze Photographer of the Year (twice)
  • From PPANJ:
  • (State) President of PPANJ
  • Distinguished Fellow of Photography
  • Associate Fellow of Electronic Imaging
  • Photographer of the Year Award
  • ASP Award (twice)
  • Kodak Gallery Award (twice)
  • Fuji Masterpiece Award (twice)
  • Mallas Award (three)
  • Digital Photograph of the Year
  • Illustrative Photograph of the Year (twice)
  • Master Court Of Honor (11) for his
  • photographic excellence.